Problem People

The End Times

Problem people near and far, cause conflict wherever they are,

They Cause strife far and wide, stirred by darkness deep inside.

With no peace in their heart, conflict each day is bound to start.

Conflict for them is a way of life, causing many pain and strife.

Peace inside they don’t know, causing trouble wherever they go.

These men are part of the life, we’re warned of by Jesus Christ.

In the world there’s tribulation, and they’re found in every nation.

But we can be of good cheer; Jesus overcame trouble down here.

And these men can not hide, the darkness that’s deep down inside.

For in their eyes you can behold, what is inside deep in their soul.

If in their eyes you can see light, they could be somewhat contrite.

If in their eyes there is no light, they inside are dark as the night.

These are the scoffers friend, which Peter warned of in the end.

Bold and arrogant are these men, and by God will be condemned.

They’re like beasts of the field; to common sense they won’t yield.

Like the beasts they will perish, and for this, Christ we can cherish.

They will all be outside the gate, along with their anger and hate.

And this is the time that we await, as Christ’s return we anticipate.

No more darkness or strife, when with Jesus we enter Eternal Life,

And all the grief will be no more, as we cherish Christ forevermore.

(Copyright ©06/2005)

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