The Grim Reaper

The Word of God

The Grim Reaper will for sure, gather men who deny The Lord,

He will soon come without delay, taking unbelieving men away.

They’ll be taken and put aside, for it was The Lord, they denied.

Separated per their own desire; to be cast into the Lake of Fire.

Men shall reap what they sow; this is something all men know.

Deny God by human deduction, you will reap eternal destruction.

If you choose to accept The Lord, you will reap Eternal Reward.

The end result you will receive, for God is one you can’t deceive.

The Lord will not force your hand, but will help you to understand,

That Christ, who died upon a tree, is coming back for you and me.

First it’ll be to the clouds above, for those who received His Love.

Then down to the earth in victory, over those who refused to see.

But there is still an open door, and time to accept Christ as Lord.

And any time in any season, God with you, would like to reason,

That through His Only Son, your victory over sin has been won.

And that through Jesus Christ, you friend can have the gift of life.

Although I was once deceived, God’s Spirit spoke and I believed.

God then gave me eyes to see, now in Christ I will reap Eternity.

God wants no one to perish, and His Son He gave us to cherish.

But if you want not to believe, the Grim Reaper is who you’ll see.

(Copyright ©06/2005)

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