God's Only Way

As we journey through each day, we need to point men to The Way,

To the only way of hope for all; to God’s redemption from man’s fall.

Christ came into a world condemned; to bring God’s Truth to all men.

In this world, all have sinned, and God’s redemption is found in Him.

Christ spoke to men with authority, as He spoke to them of Eternity.

Many men were amazed at Christ, as Jesus spoke about New Life.

Life that goes beyond this earth, a life men receive upon New Birth.

In Christ we become Born Again, to enter into a life that has no end.

Jesus Christ is the Creator of all, a perfect creation before man’s fall.

Jesus came to this earth my friend, to become the Savior of all men.

Jesus Christ is God’s Only Son, who died on the cross for everyone.

And the blood He shed that day, confirmed that He is The Only Way.

For Christ is God’s only Salvation, not for one, but for every nation.

Only Jesus Christ died at Calvary, for all the sin of both you and me.

And the message we must herald, He died for the sin of all the world.

God had paid the ultimate price, by sending His Son as our sacrifice.

Friend, only Jesus Christ rose again, this to offer New Life to all men.

And only through Jesus Christ, can all men experience Eternal Life.

For only Christ died and rose again, to become the Savior of all men.

Soon Christ the Eternal Creator, is coming back as Lord and Savior.

(Copyright ©06/2005)

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