God Makes Changes

God's Sovereignty

The very God, who never changes, orchestrates change in all things.

The entire world He rearranges, through the changes that He brings.

Even countries go through changes, as The Lord sets up new kings,

Especially those that He engages, bringing power through His wings.

God changes earth day and night, all the changes that we can see,

As He puts the sun out of sight, the day becomes very dark indeed.

Then the morning brings the light, and again its day for you and me.

Although this may seem very trite, God ordains all that we can see.

God makes changes all about us, from His Heavenly Throne on high.

He can change the earth to dust, as He chooses to close up the sky.

Gentle winds become strong gusts, as the earth becomes bone dry.

And in The Lord we place our trust, for at His will men live and die.

God changes men deep inside, the changes that do affect your life.

When in Christ you do abide, He helps you through changing strife.

By God you’ll never be denied, when you do come to Jesus Christ.

And He’ll change you for all time, when He grants you Eternal Life.

He will change your heart and mind, as He molds you like His Son,

Friend, with His Spirit you will align, as your minds become as one.

Your old nature you’ll leave behind, when evil sin you begin to shun.

For it is truly God’s original design, that all men reflect His Only Son.

Friend, God changes men forever, as He prepares them for Eternity.

The very God who changes never, changes hearts so men can see.

Even if you think you’re clever, friend you will never escape Eternity.

If His love you choose to sever, then Eternal Fire is what you’ll see.

(Copyright ©06/2005)

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