The Call of God


God calls upon each thankful heart, to take a stand and do their part,

To spread the news of Jesus Christ; a Precious Truth about New Life.

All who are burdened down with sin, this day can freely come to Him,

To Christ the one who paid the price, as The Lord’s atoning Sacrifice.

Christ calls upon every weary soul, to follow those who heed the call,

To accept the yoke of Jesus Christ, a yoke that leads to Eternal Life.

Christ’s yoke you’ll find to be light, as He leads you through the night,

For God will lead you by His Grace, if you would only seek His Face.

God’s Holy Spirit calls from inside, all who know just why Christ died,

To share with all who haven’t heard, the saving Truth from His Word.

So they can join with the rest of us, who in Christ have put their trust,

Becoming for Him ambassadors; proclaiming The Truth for our Lord.

As Christ’s Church we call the lost, to The Father through the cross,

To the cross of God’s Only Son, Who died sin’s death for everyone.

But only the sinners who trust in Him, can be forgiven of all their sin,

And then live for all of Eternity, with Christ who died for you and me.

The Truth of God calls all men, to come to Christ and be born-again,

Born-again while upon this earth; through God’s Spirit by a new birth.

A spiritual birth from God above, unto Eternal Life through His Love,

And your Eternal Life has no end, so heed the call of God my friend.

(Copyright ©11/2006)

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