He Is Jesus Christ

He is the Alpha and Omega friend, the very Beginning and the end.

He was there when all things began; He my friend is The Son of Man.

He’s the image of the invisible God, to one day reign with an iron rod.

He’s God’s only begotten Son who, is the image of both me and you.

As God He is eternal my friend, He had no beginning and has no end.

He is the whole world’s creator, and He’s coming back as our Savior.

He was born King of the Jews, and gave the Gentiles the Good News.

He came down to die upon a tree, to redeem sinners like you and me.

His body was laid inside a grave, and by His death all men are saved.

From within that grave He rose again, to give New Life to those men.

He is King of kings and Lord of lords, and coming back with a sword.

He’s coming back with a sword, which by no nation, will be ignored.

He created everything that you see, and He rules over all of Eternity.

He sits today high above the sky, while reigning at His Father’s side.

He’s coming to dispel all the night, and bring to all His Eternal Light.

He is the whole world’s Salvation, to every single believing nation.

He my friend is The Lord Jesus Christ, the Eternal Author of all life.

And if you friend believe in Christ, He shall give to you Eternal Life.

You can friend, believe with me, and live with Him through Eternity.

You may ask how this could be, believe my friend, and you will see.

(Copyright ©05/2005)

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