A Heavy Heart

There’s a heaviness upon my heart, at times it seems to not depart.

But Christ who lives within my heart, will never leave me nor depart.

I need to focus more upon The Lord, for by Him I am never ignored.

I need to seek His lasting peace, a peace I known will never cease.

This heaviness will soon subside, for by The Lord I am not denied.

I will get through this present test, as He does for me what is best.

For His eyes are ever watching me, as I journey home to Eternity,

Underneath are His everlasting arms, protecting me from all harm.

I know that God will always care, even though I am feeling despair.

I must fully trust God’s loving hand, even when I do not understand.

For He watches me from up above, who am I to doubt God’s love?

Only He knows what’s best for me, especially in the light of Eternity.

I am simply one single man, in God’s all encompassing eternal plan.

And though I am only a tiny part, Christ shall never leave my heart.

So as the darkness envelopes me, I need to be mindful of Eternity.

For though it seems dark as night, I will soon see His Eternal Light.

Present darkness I need not fear, for I know Christ is always near.

His Grace is what saved me friend; and He will see me to the end.

The Lord when the time is right, shall at the end show me the light.

And once again His Light will shine, for I am His and Christ is mine.

(Copyright ©05/2005)

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