All On Trial

The Word of God

We have a freewill and can choose, and to this there is no denial,

However, many will eternally lose, for by Christ we are all on trial.

We are all found guilty my friend; we’re guilty of being born in sin.

We stand before God condemned, and on our own will never win.

All must pay the penalty friend, and that penalty is eternal death.

The penalty is paid at the end, of this life, upon your final breath.

There will be no plea bargaining, as the same must be paid by all.

The verdict was at the beginning, the time of Adam’s original fall.

The sentence to match the crime, will be separation from The Lord.

The Eternal Judge imposed the time, and its darkness forevermore.

The Judge is also the defendant, of the crime that He could not do.

For this man who is transcendent, holds the future of me and you.

And this man He paid your pardon, upon a hill that’s called Calvary,

Killed by men with hearts hardened, upon that cross He set us free.

Friend, it was God’s Eternal plan, to send His Only Son Jesus Christ,

To this earth for every single man, for Him to be our atoning sacrifice.

On the cross the price was paid, to totally cover the debt of all men,

Then inside a tomb Christ was laid, but my friend, Christ rose again.

Accept God’s sacrifice my friend, and from Him you receive New Life,

For you then become Born Again, and with Him enter into Eternal Life.

(Copyright ©05/2005)

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