I Take My Stand

With but another day at hand, for Christ Jesus I take my stand,

This life on earth is but for me, a bridge that leads unto Eternity.

There is much upon this earth, of little value and of little worth.

My bridge on earth is Jesus Christ; He’s my bridge to New Life.

As a bridge avoids bad terrain, New Life in Jesus does the same.

Christ helps you safely through, all the darkness surrounding you.

On this bridge there’s always light, whether it is day or it is night.

As the times get darker friend, I know Christ is with me to the end,

Friend, I can continue to travel high, knowing that I shall never die,

For even if I should lose this life, immediately I shall be with Christ.

He helps me live above the earth, through the power of New Birth,

Above the darkness and the strife, as I journey towards Eternal Life.

Moving on with the world behind, looking up with a Christ like mind.

I try to live with Christ like Love, looking forward to my home above.

As the world continues to darken, to the prophets I need to hearken.

Coming soon is The Judgment Day, but I’m safe on the narrow way.

He takes me over the rivers below, filling me with His peace as I go,

As I go on in the dark of night, He helps me share His Saving Light,

Pointing other men to Jesus Christ, and to the Hope of Eternal Life.

Standing against the world’s ways, as I look towards brighter days.

(Copyright ©05/2005)

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