Chance or Truth

They say everything is just by chance, simply a happened circumstance,

Everything that we see they hang, on the moment they call the big bang.

The Big Bang theory as it’s called, is an example of thinking truly flawed,

All in their vain attempt, to eradicate, the Creator above, whom they hate.

All the enmity between God and man, is a very huge part of Satan’s plan,

A heavenly being created by God, who cast him down to the earthly sod,

Where he’s been causing many to fall, with deceptive lies, big and small,

Like the Big Bang and evolution, tainting men’s hearts with dark delusion.

He, who wanted to be like God, now deceives men with a deceptive nod,

Lucifer, who served at God side, now wants all God’s Truth to be denied,

And just like Satan did with Eve, he’s turning hearts from all they believe,

Leading many to believe they can, be just like God, who created all men.

And how deceptive is man’s heart, when from The Truth they can depart?

Leading many to one dark conclusion, that man, not God, is the solution.

And as these men deny their Creator, they see no need to have a Savior,

Following instead, the god of this world, as Satan’s delusion is unfurled.

But, everything within God’s creation, will one day point to His Salvation,

The Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, who is God’s way to Truth and to life.

And His brightness, God will display, destroying all who fell Satan’s way,

For not embracing God’s only Truth, they will face God’s eternal reproof.

(Copyright ©12/2007)

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