Born From Above

The Word of God

There are many men upon this earth, who never heard of a spiritual birth,

Like Nicodemus, a curious one, a Pharisee, who questioned God’s Son.

Christ replied to Nicodemus in love, that man must be born from above,

Born of God, through Jesus Christ, who came to grant all men New Life.

Not born a second time, physically, but, in Christ, Born Again spiritually,

Born of God’s Spirit, so we can see, with our heart, The Truth of eternity.

With a focus that is now upon God, as you continue on this earthly sod,

With a Hope we didn’t have before, through Jesus Christ our Risen Lord.

Nicodemus, although a religious man, was not fit for God’s Eternal Plan.

For apart from the Savior’s Love, he would not see The Kingdom above.

Alone, man’s religious affiliation, has no bearing on the Lord’s Salvation,

But, simply your belief in God’s Son, who died on a cross for everyone.

To be born again of God’s Spirit, just accept God’s Truth as you hear it,

Just accept Christ, who died for sins, and New Life for you then begins.

All your flesh will remain the same, although you’ve become Born Again,

It’s your heart which God changes, as your inner thoughts He rearranges.

Just like a child is born into life, through faith we’re born in Jesus Christ,

When born anew into God’s family, to become His child through eternity.

Born from above, to live for Him, Jesus Christ, who died for all our sins,

Saving us at the cross of Calvary, Christ provides us a new life eternally.

(Copyright ©09/2007)

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