The Vine and The Branches

Friend, Jesus Christ is the Vine, Christians are but the branches.

And The Lord is indeed Divine, and through all our circumstances.

The Lord Jesus is over all time, and with Him there are no chances.

And as my Savior, He is mine, and it is in Christ I take my stances.

Sure and faithful is Jesus Christ, for The Lord is true and He is just.

Jesus is the very Savior of my life, and in The Lord I place my trust,

As I go through pain and strife, abiding is not an option, it’s a must.

My very being I owe to Christ, for my frame my friend, it is but dust.

When I asked Jesus into my life, He entered my heart to live inside.

To the Living Vine of Jesus Christ, as a branch, in Him I must abide.

And as I go through pain and strife, by Jesus Christ, I’m not denied.

For in my trial I know that Christ, is the fortress in whom I can hide.

It is through the Vine of Jesus Christ, I receive strength and power.

It is there to tap throughout my life, in every day and in every hour.

Friend, when I walk into strife, a peace pours on me like a shower.

And as I hold fast to Jesus Christ, I have no need to fear or cower.

So come from any circumstance, to Christ the Vine and be a branch.

And even though we are but dust, in Him we can have Eternal Trust.

If in your heart, Christ is not denied, with Him you will eternally abide.

Come make a choice this very hour, and be filled with eternal power.

(Copyright ©04/2005)

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