God’s Crowning Jewel

God's Sovereignty

Man is the jewel in the crown, of The Eternal God’s total creation.

He is the only creature found, worthy to receive Eternal Salvation.

Man was special at the start, for in His own image God created him,

God placed emotion in his heart, and breathed breath of life into him.

Friend this life was not just mortal, like the beasts that die and perish.

But man was made to be immortal; God’s creation for Him to cherish.

And man was put above all creation, as he was special in God’s eyes.

Since he was in charge of creation, God gave him a mind, to be wise.

God also had fellowship with man, as He walked with him in Paradise.

But Satan, no longer in God’s plan, wanted to lead man to his demise.

Satan with his own evil plan, wanted to fill man’s heart with utter lies.

With his lies he deceived man, and he was banished from Paradise.

Now separated from God forever, man no longer would see God’s face.

But God’s love he could not sever, as God instituted for man His Grace.

Sin had separated God from man, with no hope to return to Paradise.

But God would continue His plan, this time God turned to Jesus Christ.

Death was the price man had to pay, this for the wages of his own sin.

And Christ died for us on that day, for God to bring man back to Him.

Christ’s death was God’s only way, for Him to redeem man from his sin.

Just accept Christ’s sacrifice today, and you will live forever with Him.

For it was God who said to Christ, let’s make man in our own image.

You can have a place in Paradise, by coming into God’s eternal lineage.

This is God’s redemptive story, and Christ is God’s Eternal Revelation.

So receive a crown for Glory, through Jesus Christ’s Eternal Salvation.

(Copyright ©04/2005)

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