Changes Wrought

Spiritual Change

God made changes in my life, changes wrought through Jesus Christ.

I grew up not knowing God’s way; and I lived my life from day to day.

I simply did what I thought was right, through the day and into the night.

Simply living my life as I saw fit, never thinking of God, not one little bit.

I Lived life without Christ’s Light; living my days in the dark of the night.

As my years were getting older, my days and nights were getting colder.

However friend I was not too old, to be drawn into God’s Heavenly Fold.

For Christ brought me to the place, where I was touched by His Grace.

God brought a change into my life, so I could be drawn to Jesus Christ.

He changed my heart so I could see, life is short, but not so in Eternity.

Jesus Christ led me into His Word, to Eternal Truths that I never heard.

On that day I asked Jesus Christ, to be the Lord and Savior of my life.

Then Jesus moved into my heart, and gave me a wonderful new start.

One change that Christ wrought, was The Truth that The Spirit taught.

Christ came and filled an ignorant man, with many truths to understand.

Christ filled my bones with a fire; now sharing God’s Truth is my desire.

He changed my spirit of timidity, into boldness pointing towards Eternity.

He gave me a boldness to speak, Eternal Truths every day of the week.

And a sense of urgency to declare, the Gospel Truth to men everywhere.

Friend, now I have devoted my life, to help others to know Jesus Christ.

He changed my home from this earth, up to Heaven through a New Birth.

Now this world I’m passing through, with His message to share with you.

That Christ died for sinners like me, and prepared me a home in Eternity.

And friend if you believe on His Name, you too, can be forever changed.

Simply accept Christ as your Lord, and you’ll be in Heaven forevermore.

(Copyright ©04/2005)

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