Retaining Wisdom

Before you can hear Wisdom’s cry, you must know The Lord on high,

Being not just mindful of a Creator, but, knowing Him as your Savior,

As it’s only through that relationship, can one from Living Waters sip,

Then upon a tender heart will fall, the Truths, regarding Wisdom’s call.

First one needs to understand, the Truths of God, on which we stand,

They must know who God truly is, and at this day, Christ Jesus lives,

And that the reason why Christ died, was so with God men can abide,

When we come to peace with Him, through His Son, who died for sin.

It’s after that time when we accept, all Truth about The Savior’s death,

That we can truly begin New Life, in the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ,

A life which leads us to new ways, while living out these darker days,

Taking many from that dark of night, into The Savior’s Blessed Light.

When in this life we really retain, as sinners cleansed of all their stain,

We can have power from the blood, rising out of the cleansing flood.

All through the power of God’s gift, as many souls The Lamb can lift,

From any depth, to new heights, to become for God, Glorious Lights.

Friend it’s in the heart of good soil, that Satan’s darkness cannot foil,

Where Wisdom’s seeds are sown, by God in the heart, of all His own,

For at the time they truly believe, God’s Spirit of Truth they all receive,

So, wisdom from Truth they will gain, while Godly Wisdom they retain.

(Copyright ©09/2009)

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