Settling Accounts

The Word of God

Is your account settled friend, with the one all will see in the end?

The One and Only Eternal God, who will rule all with an iron rod.

All that’s hidden will be in sight, exposed by God’s Eternal Light.

Christ will uncover all our past, that’s everything from first to last.

There’s nothing He doesn’t know, where you’ve been and will go.

He knows us deep down inside, there’s nothing that we can hide.

He knows what’s on every mind, thoughts both good and unkind.

Even the motive of each thought, and each action that is wrought.

Very soon every knee shall bend; this includes you and me friend.

This to give an account to Christ, as Christ reviews our entire life.

However all the evil we’ve done, that’s been covered by The Son.

All sins have been blotted from life, by the blood of Jesus Christ.

This, if you accept what’s been done, for you by God’s Only Son.

Christ has wiped clean our old life, this by His Amazing Sacrifice.

Christ will give you a clean slate, with a New Life to contemplate,

What you’ll do and say for Him, now that He’s cleansed you of sin.

We’ll still give account to Christ, on what we did with our New Life.

Sin will be remembered no more, but only our service for The Lord.

As before The Lord we all bow, to judge our work on why and how.

And at this reckoning we will see, our capacity for Christ in Eternity.

(Copyright ©01/2006)

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