Are You Prepared?

Probing Questions

My dear friend, are you prepared to meet The Lord?

That is Jesus Christ the God whom you’ve ignored.

For when Christ comes every single eye shall see,

For He is the God of all the Earth and all humanity.

God reigns over men, both the great and the small,

And as The Sovereign Lord, Christ is God over all.

Because He’s Sovereign, all eyes will one day see.

For He is God of here and now and of all Eternity.

Not only men here will see, but it will be every eye,

As angelic hosts will see as they look from on high.

As Eternal God He’s God of the living and the dead,

Many shall see in the end filled with fear and dread.

Friend it’s not a question at all of why or even how,

You can just be certain that every knee shall bow.

For Christ is Savior and Judge of the entire world,

Jesus is the fulfillment of what the prophets herald.

For those who know Him as Savior and their Lord,

Christ is coming back for them with eternal reward.

And for all the unbelieving scoffers my dear friend,

Christ’s coming Judgment will bring that to an end.

(Copyright ©04/2005)

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