As you walk with God in your life, you display the character of Christ.

As you walk away from The Lord, your fruit displayed is not ignored,

When a one becomes backslidden, the spirit inside is not that hidden.

A believer begins wrestling deep inside, when his Lord he has denied.

As you walk from His narrow path, you fill up with bitterness and wrath.

As a spirit of anger builds up inside, The Lord’s peace to you is denied.

And the anger begins to stir within, leading your heart and mind to sin.

Then as this anger turns into rage, sound reason begins to disengage.

When from Christ you do depart, His Light begins to leave your heart.

Your heart becomes a raging sea, as it begins to stir up past iniquities.

Your words begin to sow discord, as your heart strays from your Lord.

And Jesus Christ will have no part, of this darkness within your heart.

For when you walk away from Him, Christ’s Light inside begins to dim.

All your peace has been displaced, with no sign of Christ on your face.

Even behind your smiling façade, it is apparent that you left your God.

And the pseudo peace you maintain, within your heart is not the same.

And Christ will continue to let you fall, until you return to The Lord of all.

Friend, Christ died for you to be a light, not to return to the dark of night.

And as long as you resist His Grace, life will be a most miserable place.

If you only return unto The Lord, then His peace to you will be restored.

(Copyright ©04/2005)

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