The Narrow Way

The Word of God

Narrow thinking is the only way; everything else is stubble and hay.

The sin of arrogance and of pride, is the reason why our Jesus died.

Even Jesus had intolerant views, and He’s the author of Good News.

For Jesus said “I am the Way”; a pretty bold statement for one to say.

Today many have come to endear, Christ’s Truth which is quite clear,

While others with darkened minds, embrace thinking of a different kind.

Although Jesus was very clear, many men seek their own way I fear.

They go on to a destructive path, ending not in blessing but in wrath,

For these men have no reverent fear, and their end is also quite clear:

They will be told to depart from Christ, at the end of their earthly life.

Christ also said He was The Truth; The Word alone is substantial proof,

Proof that Christ was the one, that The Bible said one day, would come.

Coming as the prophets foretold, makes His word more valued than gold.

But wicked men malign The Truth, with doubting hearts filled with reproof.

But Christ is The Eternal Truth friend, and all will see this come the end.

Friend, one other claim of Jesus Christ, is that for all men He is The Life.

He gave His life up for all men, so that in Him they are not condemned.

The life Jesus came down to give, is more than the life that you now live.

For all who come to Christ and believe, Eternal Life they shall receive.

But without Him upon you last breath; you face not life but eternal death.

For He is The Way, Truth and Life, and yes friend, that is Jesus Christ.

So the very words of Christ you read, are eternal words you must heed.

And friend, narrow is the only path, which for all eternity indeed will last.

And broad is the one to destruction, and that’s not man’s mere deduction.

For not broad but narrow is the one, to Eternal Life with God’s Only Son.

(Copyright ©03/2005)

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