God Is Good To Me

Oh my dear friend, I must truly say, The Lord is good to me every day.

Christ is good to me all the time, indeed I am His and yes, He is mine.

His goodness comes in many ways, throughout the night and the days.

The only time He’s not good to me, is when with my eyes I do not see.

And when from God I try to hide, The Lord draws me back to His side.

Christ is good to me, yes indeed; He is always there in time of need.

Even in the heat of every trial, God is good to me, there is no denial.

He is good to me when things go wrong, filling me with a joyful song.

His blessings will always overflow, in ways that men will never know.

Christ’s presence isn’t always clear, but my friend, He is always near.

Friend, even when I fall into sin, God gently convicts me from within.

His love could be a chastising hand, to help my heart to understand.

And my friend, even if I go astray, in my heart Christ will always stay.

When in sin I stray far from Him, God lovingly rebukes me for my sin.

His goodness isn’t like that of men, as His love for me will never end.

Christ took me from a lowly place, and He set me higher by His Grace.

I can not fall from God’s Grace, for Christ has for me an eternal place.

And He’s coming back so I can be, in Heaven with Him for all Eternity.

I have barely tasted how it will be, with Christ in Heaven for all Eternity.

But He wants me to let you know, where I’m going He wants you to go.

(Copyright ©03/2005)

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