Pomp And Circumstance

Probing Questions

On the cross when Jesus died, do you think The Savior lied?

“It is Finished” was His cry, and that was meant for you and I.

Is there any work left to do, to save sinners like me and you?

Should we not believe in Christ, who paid for us with His life?

Or do we need man’s liturgy, the religious pomp for all to see?

All the pomp and circumstance, turns Real Hope into chance.

On earth Christ condemned, outward show of religious men,

He rebuked men with woes; how about today’s pious shows?

Christ said you’ll see me today, so why believe what men say?

Christ promised this to a thief, so why just change your belief?

Today you will be in paradise, the very words of Jesus Christ.

When you die you’ll be there; do you need a Mass of prayer?

For Christ was the final sacrifice, to give all men Eternal Life.

Why not trust in Jesus Christ, the very author of Eternal Life?

The Word’s unchanged in centuries, but not so with liturgies.

Jesus saved us on the cross, so why add any religious dross?

To enhance the Gospel Story, they have a pit called Purgatory,

There you stay a time my friend, until you’re prayed up by men.

Jesus made clear our Salvation, why follow religious deviation?

Men’s rules are bound to fail, and only in Christ will you prevail.

(Copyright ©04/2005)

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