The End of Darkness

The End Times

There is a darkness on every side, and with it a prevailing evil tide.

And this evil that is all around us, fills our heart with deep disgust.

From the evil we attempt to hide, but its effects can not be denied.

But soon it shall be behind us, this present world with all its lusts.

We will no longer be in this world, when by God Eternity’s unfurled.

Darkness pervades each corner of life, causing all unwanted strife.

Darkness is evil’s vessel friend, with destruction as its ultimate end.

Satan wants to hand you defeat, as he desires to sift you like wheat.

What God says about our enemy, is resist the devil and he will flee.

For Christ has achieved the victory, for evil to be banished eternally.

Until then darkness isn’t a friend, and Christ’s Light is to be our end.

Darkness is dispelled by His Light, along with all the evil of the night.

When darkness mounts against us, we must lean on whom we trust.

One day the darkness all about us, will be blown away like the dust.

In Heaven there will be no night, for Christ will be The Eternal Light.

Lust of the flesh will be no more, when we reach that celestial shore.

We’ll have a pure mind and heart, as an eternity with Christ we start.

No more temptation for us to face, for Heaven will be a Perfect place.

Purged of all sin and iniquity, a New Heaven and Earth is what will be.

A place where Truth is not denied, for His Light will be on every side.

(Copyright ©03/2005)

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