Pain, Joy and Strife

No one can see the pathway of life, what’s ahead, pain, joy or strife.

No one’s immune to what takes place, surviving daily only by Grace.

Things happen daily we can not see, that may affect you and or me,

How they happen we do not know, and it may alter which way we go.

At times life will bring us pain, and may appear that life is all in vain.

This pain can come in many ways, and last for hours or many days.

At times when we experience pain, it reminds us to seek His name.

For God can use this pain friend, as He mold us in His perfect end.

So when pain in life does appear, it’s The Lord we must draw near.

And until such pain does subside, we know we have Christ inside.

And God fills us with a joy in life, by His presence in Jesus Christ.

It is a joy that you can’t explain, and it leaves behind all the pain.

And this joy remains in your heart, as Jesus Christ will not depart.

He says always be joyful friend, and He knows all about our end.

So friend, life can be a joyful place, as God fills us with His Grace,

Even when Satan invades our life, attacking us with his evil strife.

He tries destroying our life in Christ, by throwing trials into our life.

But whatever evil he may plan, shall never end what Christ began.

And all the pain and strife will end, when we enter Eternity friend,

Then we’ll have perfect joy in Christ, when we begin Eternal Life.

(Copyright ©03/2005)

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