Striving For What?

Rivers of people come and go, on roads of life they’ve come to know,

Fully involved in a daily routine, across our land, is a common scene.

Striving daily to make ends meet, in a world that is filled with deceit.

What seems to govern this life, much corruption behind all the strife.

Everything seems to be sold at a price, as was our Lord Jesus Christ.

Do you know a Judas my friend, oblivious to The Lord and the end?

Willing to sell God for some change, in a life that is quite deranged.

It could be one close to your side, with a lingering darkness to hide.

Evil men wax worse and worse, influenced by sin’s dreaded curse,

As seducers continue to deceive, and attack those who truly believe.

All their deceptive practice and ways, bring many trouble filled days.

And all of their deceit in the end, brings undue trial to innocent men.

As soon a quiet everyday life, becomes filled with troublesome strife.

And your peaceful daily routine, becomes a hectic unwanted scene.

The fruit of deceptive schemes, has been the end of many a dreams.

But soon all these men of deceit, will be brought down in total defeat.

But you can transform this life, by walking with the man Jesus Christ.

Christ will give you a new mind, one that will go on through all time.

Accept in your heart Jesus Christ, and Jesus will give you New Life,

Friend, a life of Joy, you will see, as your hope moves on to Eternity.

Present grief will be in the past, as Christ gives you life that will last,

As we leave earth’s river of strife, we’ll see the Eternal River of Life.

No longer a routine of despair, for soon we will be caught in the air,

Where we will meet with The Lord, and live with Christ forevermore.

(Copyright ©06/2005)

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