The Tomb Is Empty

The Word of God

Face it friend, the tomb is empty; death couldn’t hold Christ, you see,

Although He died for you and me, He’s now on the Throne of Eternity.

The stone, covering where Christ lay, by God’s hand, was rolled away.

In that tomb where Christ was laid, only Christ’s grave clothes stayed,

There He stood, in a body Glorified, Jesus Christ, who bled and died.

Mary was the first one to that tomb, bearing a heart filled with gloom,

She assumed the body was taken, but she would be gladly mistaken,

For, with her heavy heart that day, she would soon hear an angel say,

You will not find Christ Jesus dead, for He rose just like He had said.

She left to tell others not to grieve, for The Lord, they too would see.

Now Mary filled with a joyful heart, from an empty tomb would depart,

Filled with wonder she ran to those, other disciples, to say Christ rose.

Peter began running fast ahead; as they had thought Christ was dead,

Now he ran with much anticipation, enthused by a brand new situation,

Looking inside he just saw clothes, for from the grave Christ had rose.

But all hearts stayed, like the tomb, until Christ entered into that room,

Showing them His hands and side, proving He was The One who died.

Christ would stay for forty days, filling their hearts with joy and praise,

Filing them with His Hope and victory, that will last through all eternity,

Where they shall remain forevermore, with their Savior, Christ our Lord.

(Copyright ©04/2007)

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