Today Is The Day


Now my friend the time is at hand, to lift up Christ and take a stand.

Tomorrow is promised to no one, today is the time to lift up The Son.

You may need to speak to a friend, before their life comes to an end,

Or is there someone in your family, who is not prepared for eternity?

Do men you work with every day, need to know Jesus is the only way,

The only way to God’s Salvation, as you point to Christ’s Revelation.

They may scoff or laugh at you, but that is small with eternity in view,

Or the time could just be right, for Christ to help them see The Light.

Be prepared in and out of season, to give to all a compelling reason,

Just how and why you do believe, The Lord that you came to receive.

At the time you were deceived, it was God’s Grace that you received,

From God the Spirit of His Love, sent down from The Savior up above.

He was sent to open up your eyes, to see through Satan’s wicked lies.

For it is not you or I my friend, but The Spirit of Truth Christ will send,

Who will lead them into all Truth, while others He will simply reprove.

Our job is not to make them see, but we are to point them to eternity.

With the days so evil my friend, it’s for God’s Truth we must contend.

Our foe is the prince of the air, who wants all men in eternal despair.

But if in Jesus Christ we do abide, Christ can move them to our side,

Then they too can join the cause, of pointing men to Calvary’s Cross.

(Copyright ©03/2005)

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