Saved And Justified

The Word of God

We have been saved and justified, by The Savior, who was crucified,

Through the blood of Jesus Christ, The Lord offers all men New Life.

This new life begins within the heart, when from our old life we depart,

We’ve been reconciled in The Son, and through The Spirit we are one,

Reconciled to The Father up above, through Christ’s unmatched Love.

By our confession, we are saved, from a life that is sinfully depraved,

Through heart belief, we are justified, as we believe in Christ who died.

It becomes personal as we believe, and The Holy Spirit we do receive,

Placed upon a path that’s right, when taken out of the darkened night,

Then given by The Spirit new sight, to walk anew in The Savior’s Light.

Saved from the coming Wrath, when God put us on a brand new path.

Now justified in the eyes of God; no longer to be judged by His Rod.

No longer condemned with this world, this is news we need to herald.

Believers now have peace with God, guided by Christ’s staff and rod.

The Holy Spirit then was given to us, when in Christ we place our trust.

Saved and justified for God to use; so for believers there’s no excuse,

To live your life apart from Him, the One who came to die for your sin.

Christ said it’s finished on the cross; His work of salvation for the lost,

The task remaining for you and me, is pointing all to Christ of Eternity,

From our sin to His Justification, through The Savior’s Great Salvation.

(Copyright ©07/2007)

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