You Can Know

Spiritual Change

Head belief is so rampant my friend, but your head belief is not the end,

The knowledge that you have to start, must find its way into your heart.

You can know all about The Word, but must believe what you’ve heard.

Hearing will lead you to the faith, if God’s Truth you personally embrace.

You can be familiar with Revelation, but you must accept His Salvation.

The Truth has been revealed to you, in order that you can be born anew.

You can know that God does exist, but in God’s service you must enlist.

Friend faith without works is dead; you must practice what’s in your head.

You can know Jesus was crucified, but you must accept The Lord inside.

If on the cross, for you Christ died, then in your heart Christ must reside.

You can know He was in the ground, but in The Book you must be found.

Only those found in The Book of Life, will enter Eternity with Jesus Christ.

You can know that Christ rose again, but He must be your Savior friend.

For you, like Him, to be glorified, you must know, it was for you He died.

You can know that He is now in Heaven, but not all men will be forgiven.

You must enter in by the Blood of Christ, to be with The Lord in Paradise.

You can know He will return to earth, but you must come to a new birth.

To be with Christ when He comes again, friend, you must be Born Again.

My friend, many on that fateful day, sadly will hear The Lord Jesus say,

Although you thought that you knew, depart from me, I never knew you.

(Copyright ©03/2005)

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