On Borrowed Time

The Word of God

On borrowed time upon this earth, days are numbered from our birth,

Life my friend is a gift from God, on this earth where many have trod.

Life my friend is given to all, but only through God can we be whole.

An eternal state is destined for all, as man is given a body and soul.

You had no choice when life began, for that is not the choice of man,

You have no say how long life will be, that is willed by God’s decree,

Or if you’re raised rich or poor; that again is determined by The Lord.

And yes, you must accept this life, with all the pain and all the strife.

One thing everyone will one day see, is the beginning of an eternity.

And once eternity begins my friend, your eternity shall have no end.

One thing different about eternity, you determine where you will be.

For if you trust in Jesus Christ, you my friend, will gain Eternal Life.

As life upon the earth withers away, where might you eternally stay?

When life is over and you depart, you don’t end where you did start.

Destined for all, some will lament, when we die we face a judgment.

The true Gift from God is Eternal Life that is offered in Jesus Christ.

But deny Christ with your breath, and you will face an eternal death.

And since you’re on borrowed time, you need to make up your mind,

For you may not have tomorrow friend, but eternity will have no end.

Eternal darkness with no end, doesn’t seem very pleasant my friend.

And If you ignore His Salvation, you will face eternal condemnation.

In Christ you are not condemned, for He died to become your friend.

On the cross Christ paid the price, so you could go from death to life,

So you can go from borrowed time, to new life that’s Eternally Divine.

(Copyright ©03/2005)

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