Light For The End

The End Times

Why are men so blind my friend, when they speak about the end?

Friend, we hear the media of today, ignoring what God has to say.

And He’s a God who changes not, and The Lord’s Word says a lot.

Friend in the end all will see, as God has already written the history.

He says a lot about our times, and it’s all around His Eternal Design.

God sheds much light for all to see, through the pages of Prophecy,

We’d do well to take it to heart, as God knows the end from the start.

It’s there for us to heed my friend, as God’s guiding light for the end.

Men listen to the darkened hearts, of others proposing a fresh start,

Wanting to start what God will end, when He sends Christ my friend.

God is not a man that He can lie; He is the Sovereign Lord on high.

He is not to be likened to a man, and He will fulfill His Eternal Plan.

Friend, Israel is God’s chosen land, soon the world will understand,

And the Jews are His chosen nation, and will embrace His Salvation.

Out of Israel came His chosen Seed, and this you can see if you read.

When read God’s Book of Life, you will see His Seed is Jesus Christ.

Christ will be for the Middle East, God’s only sign of a lasting peace,

For the pseudo peace that’s underway, will be abolished on that day,

On that day Christ comes as King, and with a lasting peace to bring.

For it is Jesus Christ who will fulfill, God’s Eternal Promise to Israel.

(Copyright ©03/2005)

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