An Echoing Sadness

Sad is the word to best describe, this feeling I have echoing inside,

Even though Christ lives there, and I know that He really does care.

It is something that on the outside, that today I simply can not hide.

There is an absence of joy within, when I take my mind off of Him.

It is then that the peace in my heart, from within begins to depart.

It’s the same peace, that one day, will in my heart eternally stay.

But in this world filled with grief, I can lose my focus and peace.

But with The Lord deep inside, His presence will not always hide.

So when my world becomes bleak, it’s Christ’s face I must seek,

And in time Christ will restore, that awesome peace of The Lord.

Circumstances can play a part, in the role of peace in my heart.

But friend, this just will not be, if I focus on Christ and Eternity.

For this is not my ultimate home, this darkened earth that I roam,

I need to be fixed on Christ above, for His presence and His love.

My friend, I don’t know why it is, that my heart does get like this.

But I know that in times like this, Christ is my God and I am His.

Whatever mind I may be in, He’s the same as He’s always been.

And if I have a troubled heart, Christ as my friend, will not depart.

Christ will stay right by my side, and it is in Him that I will abide,

As God, Christ is not denied, and He will restore my peace inside.

(Copyright ©02/2005)

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