How’s Your Heart?

When it’s rather cold outside, and your creature comfort is denied,

You can put on your outer wear; this to oppose that chilly frigid air.

The cold elements you have denied, but how are you deep inside?

I’m not talking the temperature, but what is your heart’s character.

Hot and cold are emotions too; so what do people say about you?

Are you at times cold and tough, while showing others little love?

Or are you warm in any place, always ready with a warm embrace.

Friend do you simply play the part, or are you truly sincere in heart?

My friend in life it is your heart, that in all we do, has a crucial part.

All that you are is stored inside, and nothing from God can you hide.

Men look at the outer man, not seeing what the heart has planned.

But the heart is what God looks to, when gauging all we say and do.

So deceptive our hearts can be, that evil it ponders men don’t see.

Though it may be deceptive friend, God knows its path and its end.

All the evil that is stored within, can lead your heart and mind to sin.

Fill your heart with Jesus Christ, and He’ll purify your mind and life.

In the morning before you start, friend, take a look within your heart.

Ask The Lord to search within, and cleanse you to be more like Him.

Reflect upon what’s deep inside; request for change won’t be denied.

Then outside when it is bitter cold, the warmth in you men will behold.

(Copyright ©12/2005)

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