When The Day Is Bleak


Around me the day is very bleak, as I put behind me one more week,

Working in a darkened atmosphere, around men with no Godly fear.

For these men don’t really care, as they are caught in Satan’s snare.

By Satan they have been deceived, to scoff at those who do believe.

Friend I just simply need to hold fast, to the eternal things that last,

For these men are just like grass, and their simple ways won’t last,

Here today and gone tomorrow, filled with an emptiness and sorrow.

But a life lived for Christ our Lord, counts today and forevermore.

And as I look towards the weekend, to time with God I will spend,

He will comfort my burdened heart, that will give me a fresh start,

To start a new week in His Power, helping me each day and hour.

For each day I go into that place, I lean totally upon God’s Grace.

God’s at work, this I know and it’s His Love to them I need to show.

But when I trust in my heart, I simply just want to quickly depart.

That is why I need to surely stay, in Christ’s Power along the way.

For it is not me they need to see, but the peace Christ put in me.

Their life is a short endeavor, but our life in Christ will last forever,

And when their life is over friend, a dark eternity will be their end.

So I must display light in my life, to draw these men to Jesus Christ,

So no matter how bleak it may be, they can see the Light of Eternity.

(Copyright ©02/2005)

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