Living Life Anew

They grow up around God’s Word, but live like they haven’t heard,

Heard the words of Jesus Christ, that leads us all to live New Life.

A life sustained by God’s Grace, as we long to see Christ’s face.

For as we fix our eyes on Him, Christ purges us from guilt and sin,

Forgiven from our sinful past, we have in Christ a Hope that lasts.

But many who profess The Lord, never entered through The Door,

A door that no man can close, The Door that true Believers chose,

When you walk through The Door, your life will belong to The Lord.

For Christ gave His life for you, so you could begin your life anew.

This New Life my dear friend, is in Jesus Christ and will never end.

But many men stay fixed to earth, and don’t experience a New Birth,

New Birth by The Spirit of Christ, that leads you to a sanctified life,

When we’re saved we’re set apart, for Christ to reign in our heart.

He then fills us with His Love, so we can lead men to Heaven above,

For that is where we will be, with Jesus Christ, through all Eternity.

And once we become Born Again, we become the light for all men,

We’re then set on a hill in the night, to be filled with Christ’s Light.

A Light that will eternally shine, straight through to the end of time.

And our soul mission in this life, is to shine brightly for Jesus Christ,

So that others may come to see, that they need Christ for Eternity.

(Copyright ©01/2005)

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