Real Purpose in Sacrifice

They argue, fight and don’t hear; for in their heart is no reverent fear.

They only want what pleases them, they can be most miserable of men.

Their world is smaller than they see, for the word they use most is me.

What they need to do is compromise, leaning on The Lord who is wise.

The Lord Himself, He compromised, and upon a cross for all He died.

Christ gave up His Glorious Throne, to save a people to call His own.

Yes He was God, but set that aside, and on the cross for us He died.

For us Jesus paid such a price, as God, He became a wicked sacrifice.

But for unsaved men without The Lord, other people just go ignored.

At times they make up their own rules, living life as darkened fools.

They are men devoid of any light, and so they have no spiritual sight.

Until they come into The Light, they live life in the dark of the night.

Friend, I too once lived that life; then I meet The Lord Jesus Christ.

He opened my eyes to let me see, a much bigger life up in Eternity.

And now I live my life for Him, for He cleansed me of my wicked sin.

Christ died on that cross for me, so I can live to help others see.

For the only real purpose in life, is found in The Lord Jesus Christ.

And it is a lasting purpose friend, for new life in Christ has no end.

Life in Christ, helping others to see, has rewards well into Eternity.

So give your life to Jesus Christ, and you’ll enjoy being a sacrifice.

(Copyright ©01/2005)

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