Christ’s Unchanging Plan

God's Sovereignty

Things can change so quickly friend, for all that starts has an end,

Many things that we plan to do, for unknown reasons just fall through.

Circumstances are like the sand, and tossed about by the will of man.

The only plans that are secure, are the plans that involve The Lord.

For He Who starts a work in you, will see His work completely through.

And The Lord’s purpose and His plan, can not be changed by any man.

Jesus Christ does not change, as yesterday and today He is the same.

And if you trust in His Name, in your own life, He will always remain.

For in your heart Christ will abide, as The Holy Spirit dwells inside.

Once you receive The Spirit friend, He stays with you through the end.

Friend, He will then use your life, to draw other men to Jesus Christ.

He will help you draw these men, into a new and Glorious Eternal End.

Although things on earth do change, things in Heaven remain the same,

For Heaven has been fixed in place, by God’s Awesome Eternal Grace.

While things on earth will be no more, Heaven shall last forevermore.

The plans of man God will sever, but The Word of God will last forever.

For you my friend to have a part, you need to have a change of heart,

Accept in your heart Jesus Christ, and you will be in The Book of Life.

You will be in God’s Eternal Plan, one that’s led by The Son of Man,

To be safe forever up in Paradise, with our Glorious unchanging Christ.

(Copyright ©01/2005)

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