Pharisaical Praise

As Christians we’re born and raised, to lift up God and give Him praise.

However, real Praise doesn’t start, until it comes from within our heart.

Many men simply play the part, when Christ isn’t even in their heart.

They’re empty motions they display, believing that they found the way.

Are these men really Born Again, or simply playing church, my friend?

They visit a building once a week, and play the part of pure and meek.

But on those six remaining days, these men wallow in their sinful ways.

And so they give The Ancient of Days, vain and empty religious praise.

Christ dealt with this kind of praise, with a group called The Pharisees.

These men praised God with their lips, but my dear friend, that was it.

They praised God and practiced sin, for their hearts were far from Him.

They had eyes, but could not see, that they were filled with hypocrisy.

Religious men with hearts of stone, this is what Jesus Christ bemoaned.

Christ warned us about the Pharisees, as an example of what not to be.

Men who could surely play the part, but inside they had an empty heart.

On the cross Christ may have died, but if you believe, He lives inside.

You become a New Creation friend, when you truly become Born Again.

My friend, religion will not play a part, if Jesus Christ truly has your heart.

For man’s primary life endeavor, is to Glorify God and enjoy Him forever.

So is your heart fitted for Eternity, or are you a modern day Pharisee?

(Copyright ©02/2005)

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