Death Is Knocking At The Door

The Word of God

Death is knocking at the door, but friend, I shall live forevermore,

This life is temporal as can be, but I am going to live for eternity.

Sin on earth plays an ugly part, as it’s tainted every single heart.

The wages of this sin is death, and all are decreed a final breath.

It is destined for all once to die, then face judgment from On High.

All will face judgment, by The One, who’s God’s only begotten Son.

Christ is The One who created all, before man chose to sin and fall,

Fall from God’s Love and Grace, from what was God’s perfect place.

Sin entered earth through one man; this was done by Satan’s hand,

Satan entered The Garden to deceive, Adam’s helper, know as Eve.

And Adam also partook of the fruit, for by Satan, he also was duped.

Thus from Satan’s deceptive plan, death has passed on to every man.

They were ousted from Paradise, and soon sin would take their life,

Forbidden to enter Paradise again; for Satan really wasn’t a friend.

But God took a bloody animal skin, to cover their nakedness and sin,

Although He covered their shame, His Holy presence could not remain.

That separation caused at Paradise, continues in our present lives,

And only through Christ our Lord, can God’s fellowship be restored.

For it’s through the blood of Christ, that we can inherit Eternal Life,

And thou death is at my door, I have Eternal Life in Christ my Lord.

(Copyright ©01/2005)

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