Let Christ In


God gets to the heart of every issue, if you trust Him you will see.

Any trial He’ll get you through, remember He died for you and me.

Let Him in and He will bless you, not just now but through Eternity,

A Rock of Ages, tried and true, lean upon Him and happy you’ll be.

There is no task too big for Him, don’t forget Christ created it all,

That is everything except for sin, and even for that He died for all.

With any burden, just go to Him, Christ will help both big and small.

So open your heart to let Him in, to help you friend before you fall.

From The Lord don’t try to hide, for He can be your closest friend,

For when you’re hurting deep inside, He can help your heart to mend.

So my friend, get rid of pride, for Jesus wants with you time to spend.

Friend don’t forget, for you He died, and as God He knows your end.

Friend, what do you have to lose, if you choose to embrace The Lord?

Why is it that God’s Good News, by many today simply goes ignored?

While others He continues to use, by them it is cherished and adored.

For it is our job to spread the news, as Christ Himself had implored.

For the wages of sin for all is death, and all men will face an end,

When you take your last breath, where in eternity will you spend?

When you have no more time left, will Christ be your Eternal Friend?

Or will you choose eternal death, with the fire as your ultimate end?

(Copyright ©01/2005)

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