God’s Judgment Is Hope

God's Sovereignty

God’s Judgment is hope for us, who come to God and truly believe,

For when in Christ we put our trust, The Holy Spirit we then receive.

When lost in sin and worldly lust, the devil has us totally deceived.

But when The Spirit lives in us, God’s Truth we begin to perceive.

God’s Righteousness doesn’t change; sin must be dealt with friend,

And Jesus Christ is always the same, as He will be through the end.

Every knee will bow to His name, when He comes to judge all men.

Then only Righteousness will remain, in a perfect world with no end.

The Church will not be here when, God pours upon earth His Wrath,

For we will be in Heaven then, as a evil world reels in the aftermath,

For we were saved from among men, by Christ, so not to suffer wrath,

And you can still join us my friend, if you chose God’s Eternal Path.

God will destroy all sin and shame, for nothing friend will be ignored,

But you still have time to change, before The Lord’s Wrath is poured,

Just simply believe in His Name, as you accept Christ as your Lord,

You will never be the same, and with God you will eternally endure.

You will see differently my friend, when you put your hope in Christ.

Where in eternity will you spend, as you consider your present life?

My friend, Hell also has no end, in a fiery place that’s not so nice.

So why not make Christ your friend, and with Him enjoy Eternal Life?

(Copyright ©01/2005)

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