As I Witness For My God


Although my travels seem quiet dark, Jesus Christ is in my heart,

And every path that I must embark, The Lord Jesus plays a part.

He’s with me every step of the way, guiding me through my day.

He guides me safely with His Light, continuing into darkest night.

Christ’s put me on a mission friend, in a new life that doesn’t end,

Wherever God steers my life, I must share the message of Christ.

I must live my life for others to see, that Jesus Christ lives in me,

And this life that He’s given me, will continue on through Eternity.

Friend, while I am on this earth, God has changed me by new birth,

I now belong to the family of God, and have left paths I used to trod.

Christ has set me in a new direction, and on a path of His selection,

And with a message for all men, that one must be truly Born Again.

This new path in my life will lead, wherever The Lord has a need,

A need to reach men for Christ, with this message of Eternal Life.

So wherever in my life He leads, I must plant and or water seeds,

Seeds of Hope in Jesus Christ, Who gives to all who come New Life.

This world is God’s mission field, and Christ will produce the yield.

I simply need to do my part, and The Holy Spirit will move the heart.

Although they may be deceived, The Spirit will help them to believe.

Then for me a new path to trod, as I continue to witness for my God.

(Copyright ©01/2005)

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