A New Horizon

The Word of God

Coming above is a new horizon, for all who are found in The Son,

But this horizon you can not see, as this horizon friend, is Eternity.

The Son is The Lord Jesus Christ, and the horizon is Eternal Life.

And no man can truly conceive this new horizon for all who believe.

This new horizon has much to behold, in a world that won’t grow old,

This world will be awesomely bright, for Jesus Christ will be the Light.

With this new world being totally pure, it shall endure forevermore.

Sin and darkness will be no more, they will be absent forevermore.

This new horizon was meant for all, to put behind man’s sin and fall,

This New Paradise that has no time, for it is Eternal by God’s design.

And even our bodies, racked with sin, are being renewed from within.

Although we have spiritually died, are new bodies shall be Glorified.

By God, Eternal beings we were made, this is why we’ve been saved,

God saved us from the Eternal Fire, for this my friend, is God’s desire.

Christ died so we won’t perish, and He is the one to eternally cherish.

For it’s only through God’s Son, that we can enter His Eternal Horizon.

To enter into Heavenly Paradise, it must be under the Blood of Christ,

His atoning work will wash your sin; you only have to believe in Him.

You will enter Paradise for sure, when you fully trust Christ as Lord.

But if you reject God’s Only Son, you will be facing a bleak horizon.

(Copyright ©01/2005)

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