Do You Know?

Probing Questions

Do you know God’s Only Son, His choice in Who our victory’s won?

Our victory over death and sin, the victory that is only found in Him.

Do you know His Son Jesus Christ, Who died to give us all New Life?

For Jesus Christ died upon that tree, to give New Life to you and me.

Do you have, friend, Eternal Life, attained only through Jesus Christ?

A life with Christ in which to spend, up in Heaven, that will never end.

Do you have inside a lasting peace, deep within, that will not cease?

A peace beyond our understanding, when our life becomes demanding.

Do you have Eternal peace with God, so not to fear Christ’s Iron Rod?

For God’s Judgment will one day come, upon all who oppose His Son.

Are you under the blood of The Lamb, Who died to redeem every man?

For man’s repentance is God’s desire, to save all men from eternal fire.

Do you know The Savior friend, when life down here comes to an end?

For all things end within this life, however, things go on in Jesus Christ.

Do you have hope beyond this earth, Hope that comes from New Birth?

Your hope is sure in Christ my friend, the moment you are Born Again.

In Jesus Christ will you be found, when we hear the last trumpet sound?

At the moment we’re changed on high, in the simple twinkling of an eye.

Do you have a room prepared for you, one which has an Eternal view?

A room for you is prepared by Christ, for you to enjoy your Eternal Life.

Do you have full assurance friend, that you will see Christ in the end?

If Christ prepares a place for you, He will come again to be with you.

Are you destined for the clouds, when He comes for His Holy crowd?

For He will come to take you there, when Christ meets you in the air.

(Copyright ©04/2005)

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honey811's picture

This is a beautiful and uplifting and inspiring piece that trully speaks of Christ promise. I love it.