Christ Is Coming Again

The Nation Israel

Christ is coming again to Jerusalem; coming again is God’s Only Son.

He came once to tiny Bethlehem, only later to be rejected by most men.

Christ came to redeem His Own, but they simply scoffed at His Throne.

Weighed down by blindness and sin, Christ’s own people crucified Him.

Christ was buried by those who knew, He was indeed King of the Jews.

Even Simeon waiting for Salvation, knew Jesus was Israel’s consolation.

But the Disciples were unsure, until that morning they saw The Lord,

For they remembered Christ said, in three days He’d rise from the dead.

For The Lord’s Gracious Sacrifice, was indeed friend, The Risen Christ.

He went from Mary’s blessed womb, to a cold and empty garden tomb.

But Christ was God well before, and Christ Shall be God forevermore,

For as Thomas said with a nod, Jesus Christ is Lord, and He is God.

For forty days many would see, The Risen Christ, for all to believe.

Soon Christ would again ascend, back up to His Father’s right hand.

And the Disciples were consoled by angels and what they were told,

The Lord that ascended that day would return again in a similar way.

But this time around my dear friend, from the sky Christ will descend,

And every eye will see Christ when, from the sky Jesus returns again.

Then Christ will begin to fulfill, His reign as King on His Holy Hill,

And everyone will know He is God, when they see His Awesome Rod.

(Copyright ©12/2004)

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Lee Ferrell's picture

Would that it were, that such a dream were true.
When I was too young to think for myself
I too awaited this appearance as many generations
over many millenia had waited only to find
that it was a wishdream, shaped by our powerful father's, from our childhoods so
pure and unravished until authority began to
invade our beings with stories from ancient
oral dream tales passed o'er campfires
upon the ancient trade routes from Ur to Egypt
Where now true believers are once again engaged
in a crusade of absoutist righteousness mayhem;
how sad it is to remember the sources and see what
has become of them, like the innocense that is stolen from us when we are too young to know any better;
Now Constantine's mother is dancing in her tomb
at the use such a beautiful story has been turned to....