His Perfect Way

A quiet beginning to the day, reminds me that I need to pray.

I need to call upon The Lord, to share with Him what’s in store,

What’s in store for me today, as I seek The Lord’s Perfect Way,

His Perfect Way in all things, through the Grace that He brings.

With a full day at the start, things begin to burden my heart.

Then I remember that He, Christ Himself, will not forsake me.

I simply look to Him and ask, to guide me through every task.

And as I go through my day, Christ is my guide, all the way.

With a task to big to face, I must lean totally upon His Grace.

I hear Christ say with a nod, “Be still and know that I am God.”

Every task He leads me to, His Grace guides me fully through.

And God again gets the praise, as I follow His Perfect Ways.

If the day seems dark and bleak, it’s His face I need to seek,

For its Christ that directs my ways, in the darkest of my days.

He shines His Light on my path, from the first step to the last.

With His Light guiding my way, The Lord quietly ends my day.

A quiet end to a busy day, reminds me again that I need to pray,

And trust God with all my heart, even before the day does start,

Acknowledge Him in all I do, and He will surely see me through.

I need to thank God for my day, for showing me His Perfect Way.

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