Will Your Light Be Brighter?

Probing Questions

As the world gets dark and colder, are we getting weak or stronger?

Do we hold up high Christ’s Light, when men say that wrong is right?

Have we become so unequally yoked, to the point that we’re the joke?

Have we embraced the world friend, in this, the apostasy of the end?

Many “followers” will fall away, for this is what The Word does say,

Fall from God’s solid Word of Truth, into man’s views of ill repute.

Many friend, will distort God’s Truth, arrogant men who stand aloof,

They’ll resort to human deduction and this to their own destruction.

Has indifference become a part, of the professing believer’s heart?

How can we intimately know the lost and not point them to the cross?

Can there be fellowship of The Light, with the darkness of the night?

Friend, if we cover up our light, the darkness will overcome that light.

But when we hold up our light, it dispels the darkness of the night.

Light must shine for all to see what God has done for you and me.

We are not to love this world; this is what Apostle John did herald,

But as we walk through the night, we need to lead men to The Light.

Friend, indifference has no part, in helping others change their heart.

The apostasy will grow for sure, but not for those who know The Lord.

For as the times get darker friend, our light will shine until the end,

So will your light be brighter friend, than the darkness of the end?

(Copyright ©12/2004)

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