The Wayward Fool

Indeed, in and out of life he strays, never doing just what he says,

Playing underhanded games in life, thinking he’s deceiving Christ.

But friend, all will be accountable, even the simple wayward fool.

For not only is Christ God of us, He is also God of the unrighteous.

He bought the entire world friend, as all men shall see in the end.

Friend, as God of all the living, He is Gracious and very forgiving.

But for all who are spiritually dead, He is storing up wrath instead.

As King of kings and Lord of lords, not one man shall go ignored.

The fool says there is no God, this he says with an arrogant nod.

He goes about his wayward life, disbelieving that there is a Christ.

Christ appeared to every nation, to bring to man God’s Salvation.

According to God’s Declaration, fools will receive His indignation.

The fool lives life on shifting sand, never stopping to understand,

That Eternally God Reigns above, filled with Justice and with Love.

For all men who will believe, God’s Unfailing Love they will receive,

While the fools who scoff at God, shall encounter Christ’s Iron Rod.

From Heaven God laughs at the fool, for soon He will Eternally Rule.

For all Judgment was given to Christ, to Reign over all Eternal Life.

God will end all man’s wicked strife, with the Reign of Jesus Christ.

And all who believe in His Name will, with Christ, Eternally Reign.

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