Grief and Trials

The grief from this world my friend, in my heart shall one day end,

Until then He sows His peace, giving my heart much needed relief.

In this world we’ll have tribulation; this was Christ’s own revelation.

But Christ has overcome the world, and this message I must herald.

Friend, be of good cheer in a trial, for earthly trials last only a while.

We can press on with sure certainty, for ahead is a blissful eternity.

Thou I am tried, I will be like gold, this is what in The Word I am told.

I am tried in the fires of this life, while in the hands of Jesus Christ.

I will persevere through each fire, as purifying me is His only desire.

For I know the plan God has for me, it is not to harm, but prosperity.

I need to reflect upon the cross, it was my gain, but looked like loss.

This life’s fiery trials are my cross, as Christ purifies me of my dross.

Friend I know what’s ahead for me, not on this earth, but in eternity.

What lies ahead is a blissful shore, in Paradise above forevermore.

While on earth, more trials ahead, for this is what my Lord had said.

After this trial of life is endured, there waits for me an eternal reward.

For all persecuted for the Lord, great in Heaven will be their reward.

For all longing to see Jesus Christ, waiting for them is a crown of life.

Former things will be no more, when we behold the face of The Lord.

Tears He will wipe from every eye, as we enter His presence on high.

(Copyright ©04/2005)

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