Believing The Unseen

The many things our eyes can’t see, many believe to be pure fantasy.

There will be scoffers in our day, for this is what The Word does say.

Where is this God that you proclaim, for everything remains the same?

These proud men refuse to believe in something that they can not see.

Bold and arrogant are these men, and by God, they will be condemned.

These empty fools are so aloof; continue to insist on seeing proof.

However, with proof as a rule, faith my friend, becomes impossible.

And the righteous will live by faith, as we long to see Christ’s face.

To rise above the wayward fool, Faith in your heart, indeed must rule.

True Faith for both you and me, is Hope in The One we can not see.

Thomas would not believe, until he touched what his eyes could see.

Thomas put his hand in Christ’s side and his eyes were opened wide,

He replied, “My Lord and my God!” and Christ said to him with a nod,

“You have seen and believed, blessed are men who don’t and believe.”

Our faith in God is more you see, than waiting on earth for Eternity.

God does things throughout the day, that men can not explain away.

How can their doubt remain, when God does what they can’t explain?

They use the word coincidence, when there is no verifiable evidence.

Friend, faith gives you security that leads you safely to Eternity.

I know that my Redeemer lives, and He has for you new life to give,

With new life, when you believe, He gives you eyes so you can see,

See beyond this fallen earth, through the Grace of this New Birth.

With new sight you get Christ’s mind, to leave you old life behind.

And as you grow you will see, that our only True Hope is in Eternity.

(Copyright ©12/2004)

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