Walking In Godly Wisdom

Walking along in Godly Wisdom, my dear friend, is the only way,

To react when trials come, and to know just how and what to say.

Not knowing where they’re from, as you walk through life each day,

To rely upon God’s Only Son, is my friend, the only proven way.

Trials come in all shapes and sizes; you can almost be assured,

Satan uses various disguises, attacking men who know The Lord.

Many schemes he also devises, and friend, he can not be ignored.

But when his wicked attack arises, you have a fortress in The Lord.

Satan is always roaming about, to find someone that he can devour,

And you can never count him out, until the end of his final hour.

Today, we can not live without, God’s Awesome sustaining Power,

For Satan will continue his bout, patiently waiting for you to cower.

But Christ will never leave you, nor will Christ’s Wisdom ever end,

Through every trial, old or new, Christ will always guide you friend.

Jesus Christ, friend is always true, and He shall be until the end,

And The Word tells us what to do, we only need to trust Him friend.

Friend, soon trials all shall cease, along with an end to all sin,

But today we can have His Peace, if we keep our eyes on Him.

In each trial He knows our needs, for where we are, He has been,

And our hearts can be at ease, for the final victory Christ did win.

(Copyright ©12/2004)

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